Arrion Weatherspoon, who was affectionately referred to as "Old Horseface", was the special effects artist of the Ravens Bluff Playhouse and an officer within the city's bards' guild during the late 14th century DR. He was a merry, seemingly care-free old man who took delight in pranks and practical jokes, just as much as he did pleasing his friends and fellow performers.[1]

Within the guild, he was considered a master actor, dancer, juggler, tumbler, singer, pan-pipe player, ventriloquist, and voice mimic, though he was also skilled in the art of disguise and knowledgeable of proper etiquette.[1]


Arrion was tall and thin, with a pale complexion and long, blonde hair that flowed to the middle of his back. His long, narrow face and large blue eyes lent to the affectionate nickname of "Old Horseface".[1]

While the prankster magician maintained an amiable and eager-to-please demeanor, he was prone to periodic bouts of melancholy and wistfulness. This side of Arrion was so well guarded and so seldom seen that only his wife Beatrice and a select few others had caught him singing intense love songs in a minor key.[1]


The jovial Arrion was born to servants of a lord whose estate was located in the lands surrounding Procampur. Early in life, he displayed a natural gift for comedy; those skills, combined with his unique appearance, allowed him the opportunity to become the lord's house jester. Some years later, he studied the arcane arts under the lord's private tutor, specializing in illusory trickster magic.[1]

This tutelage continued until one day, seemingly without reason, Arrion left the manor without a word to anyone in his life and began to wander Faerûn, seeking magical knowledge. While he never openly discussed his reason, it was speculated he left the lord's estate due to a broken heart, as he had fallen in unrequited love with one of the lords' daughters.[1]

In the 1360s DR, Arrion's travels led him to Ravens Bluff, where he found a home in the city's theater.[1] He used his illusion magic to enhance shows and performances[2] put on by the local bard's guild and became an invaluable addition to their fellowship. He went on to marry the theater's director, a famed actress and singer, [[Beatrice Weatherspoon].[1]



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