Arrk was a well-known troll mercenary who operated in the Lake of Steam region in 1372 DR.[1]


While he was smaller than normal trolls, Arrk was a bit more intelligent (though still possessing a quite short attention span) and dependable. Arrk had a disturbing habit of licking his sword, which was cursed to continually bleed, whenever he was nervous or bored. He also had poor, trollish hygiene.[1]


Arrk was born to a troll tribe at the Neth Stand. As he was somewhat diminutive within his tribe, Arrk was often a victim of their cruelty and fought to survive until he eventually chose to leave. After stumbling across and joining a group of bandits, he discovered a true knack for the work.

However, finding the compensation of looting to be less than he wished, Arrk began working in a mercenary company. In this role, he was quite successful and became well known around the Lake of Steam area, though not popular.[1]


Arrk worked for anyone who had the money, provided the job didn't take more than a tenday, as he soon grew distracted and irritated with the company of other people. Thus he often found work as a caravan guard or bodyguard in hostile lands, and occasionally hired on as muscle for adventuring companies. This work allowed him to succumb to his natural bloodlust.

While he was known to reliably hold up his end of a bargain, Arrk had the bad habit of eating people who didn't do the same, ensuring they paid him or didn't rob him.[1]


Along with his +1 spell storing greatsword, which possessed an inflict serious wounds spell and was cursed to continually bleed when drawn, Arrk carried with him two masterwork throwing axes, a chain shirt, and a gold necklace that acted as a ring of feather falling.[1]


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