Artist genies were special tasked genies who were brilliant craftsman and artists capable of creating masterpieces so long as their masters treated them well. Enslaved, charmed, or mistreated artist genies always produced inferior work.[1]

Artist genies were once dao and djinn but were reshaped over time.[1][2]


Artist genies varied in appearance based on their specialization.[1]


Artist genies could use the following spell-like abilities: duo-dimension, mirror image, illusion, polymorph self, and stone shape.[1]


Artist genies were sharp rivals with each other. The talked freely with other skilled creatures but disdained those who were deemed untalented.[1]

These genies were often very eccentric, wearing clothes bordering on the latest fashions and consuming bizarre foods on a regular basis.[1]


These genies depended on their patron and were only found where knowledge people could appreciate their work. Artist genies separated from the tools of their trade eventually went mad or died.[1]




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