Arveiaturace was an ancient white dragon who served the wizard Meltharond, who also rode her into battle.[2]


The white dragon had scales of powder blue and faded alabaster. Her eyes showed cunning but her expression belied her brutish savagery.[2]


As the battle-mount to Meltharond, Arveiaturace learned well how to fight mages.[2]


Before the Dracorage, she was ridden as a mount by the wizard Meltharond. With her master's death, she continued to live within the ice caverns carved out around the wizard's tower. She was careful with her former master's goods taking care not to cause damage with her bulk. Arveiaturace was on the lookout for another master and patrolled the Sword Coast with a mysterious rider. The dragon avoided the ships near to Waterdeep owing to her relationship with Laeral Silverhand. Other relations included Lashivian and the Cult of the Dragon to unknown extents, and her occasional mate Arauthator, whom she answered when he called.[2]

Arveiaturace had offspring with Arauthator, including Aurbangras.[3][4]


In the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR, Lashivian, a necromancer, convinced Arveiaturace to work with the Cult of the Dragon. However, he had not yet persuaded her to become a dracolich.[2] After 1485 DR, Arveiaturace was still alive and hunting in Icewind Dale. She still strapped Meltharond's corpse to her back but had taken to talking to the body as if it were still alive, causing people to believe that she had lost her mind.[5]



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