Arvien Blackhair was an ill-tempered and skilled pewter and tinsmith who lived in and worked out of Ashabenford in the 14th century DR. Arvien's work was in high demand and her shop was constantly buzzing with prospective customers and admiring passers-by. She was known for being highly observant,[3] and although she was known as the nosiest person in town, was respected enough to be suggested for a position on the Council of Six.[2]


Arvien would sometimes stroll around town, typically in the side streets and back alleys at early dusk, observing the comings and goings of the Mistran.[3] Although this might seem innocuous, Arvien actually served as spy for the Zhentarim, detailing the activities and movements of both the Council members and the Riders of Mistledale.[1] The rest of the townsfolk were completely ignorant of her duplicity and her reputation remained sterling as of 1372 DR.[2]