Arvin Kothonos was the Guildmaster of the Merchants' Guild of Ravens Bluff around 1356 DR.[1]


Arvin was 5 feet 9 inches (1.7 meters) tall and weighed 205 pounds (92.9 kilograms). In his younger days, he was 40 pounds (18 kilograms) lighter. He wore expensive clothes and was always neat and clean shaven.[1]


Arvin was known as an affable and jovial family man but was a skillful negotiator (mostly due to his medallion of ESP) and would skate around the edges of the law to insure profits. He was a poor planner and secretly depended on his wife Charlotte for ideas and advice on major decisions. He would "sleep on it" if the matter was very important and then go home and describe the situation to Charlotte and get her insight. Arvin had a checkered past and would go to any lengths to conceal it.[1]


Before coming to Ravens Bluff, Arvin was the pirate captain Garnet Smithson and he was a wanted man, although most people who knew of him had written him off as lost at sea by then. Garnet wore a full beard which was why Arvin was adamant about staying clean shaven. Once, when a former henchman came to town, Arvin spotted him first and arranged for the thugs' guild to bump him off while Arvin was on an extended "trading venture" to establish an alibi. Arvin began his new life in Ravens Bluff as the head of the Blue Star Trading Company and with his medallion of ESP was able to quickly establish a thriving business.[1]

He joined the Merchants' Guild and worked his way up to Guildmaster, chairing the Council of Ten and representing the guild before the Council of Lords. He depended heavily on his magical medallion to keep himself one step ahead of everyone else and able to cover up questionable dealings and unethical practices. However, the Regent of the Harbor, Lord Calvin Longbottle suspected that the guild was behind several unexplainable accidents that resulted in the sinking of non-guild ships, but he had no solid proof as of 1356 DR. He knew for sure that guild ships often violated harbor regulations in several minor ways.[1]

Arvin married Charlotte in 1342 DR and they had two children Biff and Miriam. Arvin needed his wife's advice to help him shrewdly navigate the legitimate ways of doing business and would do anything to protect her.[1]