The Aryselmalyn calendar is an example of how all elven nations marked the passage of time (and still do in Evereska and Evermeet). It was used by the ancient and fallen Aquatic elf nation of Aryselmalyr.

Four years marked one aeloulaev ("when peaces meet" in elven) which ended during the celebration of Cinnaelos'Cor ("The Day of Corellon's Peace") and started a new one. The elves also marked time by the length of the reign of their rulers, known as a rysar which encompassed the entire reign of a single ruler of Aryselmalyr.

When Aryselmalyr fell over 1500 years ago[as of when?], the calendar had reached the 71st aeloulaeva of its 197th rysar, which sages later agreed added up to over 11000 years.[1]


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