Asbras Hlumin (pronounced: /ˈɑːzzbrɑːzz həˈlmɪnAZZ-brazz huh-LOO-min[1] or: /ˈɑːzbrɑːz ˈhlmɪnAZ-braz HLOO-min[2]}) was a human wizard and member of the Cult of the Dragon in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


He pretended to aid adventuring parties he encountered, by offering training and spellcasting services, and even joining them for short periods. His objective was to learn all that he could about them and then send them into a dangerous location, expecting they'd be slain. Then, after their deaths, he robbed their treasures both for him and the Cult.[1][2]

By 1357 DR, he typically traveled the Moonsea and Dragon Reach lands, including the Dalelands and the Vast. He was still at this by 1367 DR.[1][2]


Asbras magically hid his true alignment, instead posing as a good mage.[1][2] Asbras pretended to be always concerned about the well-being of people around him, while actually wishing every non-reptilian being would meet a sudden death.[2]