Ascarle, the "Sunken City," was an underwater elven city located off the northern shores of Trisk in the Purple Rocks.[2][3]


The somewhat-ruined buildings and walkways were formed from crystal and red coral. The city was filled with air.[4]


The lost city of Ascarle was swept into the ocean by melting glaciers.[3] Destroyed by the drow, it was used by Slarkrethel as headquarters for the Kraken Society.[5]

In 1361 DR, it was rumored that a kraken truly ruled the city, but the nominal Regent of Ascarle was the illithid Vestress.[1] Vestress was a rogue illithid who had taken the city from hands of a drow banshee, whom she banished to Inthar on Ruathym via a portal.[6] She desired to conquer Ruathym, but the banshee made that impossible, so she plotted to have the banshee destroyed by Liriel Baenre. Under the Kraken Society, she also allied with Rethnor of Luskan and Shakti Hunzrin as part of a plot to turn the Lords' Alliance and Waterdeep into war with Ruathym. However, all of these plans were discovered by Liriel, who led an assault on the city, deposed Vestress, and released the illithid's captives.[7]


Vestress had a standing army with a core of 100 merrow (sea ogres). A group of evil nereids roamed the streets, and kapoacinths (marine gargoyles who loved torture) lived in lairs beneath the city.[1]

The Kraken Society also held numerous prisoners there, including humans (namely Ygraine) from Ruathym and sea elves. These prisoners were released in 1361 DR when Ascarle was assaulted by Liriel Baenre.[7]




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