Ascendancy of the Last is the third and final novel in The Lady Penitent trilogy by Lisa Smedman.

Is it the end for the Lady Penitent? Is it the end for Lolth? Lolth has come out of hibernation with a plan that may seem too ambitious even for her, and to pull it off she'll need the help of a drow who's betrayed her at least once already—a drow she's transformed into the demonic Lady Penitent. The shocking conclusion to a trilogy that will change the Forgotten Realms world forever.
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Summary Edit

The end to the Lady Penitent trilogy reveals the epic climax and aftermath of the sava match between Lolth and Eilistraee.

Lolth unleashes an all-out assault against Eilistraee's worshipers in the form of Ghaunadaur and his minions both ooze and drow and succeeds in killing both Eilistraee and her high priestess Qilue. While Lolth's offensive is a success, Eilistraee proves she is just as capable as her mother of weaving webs of deceit and misdirection (courtesy of her merger with Vhaeraun) as she uses Q'arlynd yet again to achieve victory from within the depths of defeat by neutralizing the taint that the demon lord Wendonai had corrupted the ancient drow bloodlines at Lolth's behest. While Lolth's plan succeeds in finally defeating her wayward daughter; Eilistraee's final ploy introduces an even more powerful player to the sava gameboard to take her place.

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