Ascodel was one of the many consorts of Queen Morwel of the eladrin.[1] He lived with her in the Court of Stars,[1] a demiplane attached to Arborea[2] and the Gates of the Moon.[3]


In the days when the eladrin forces had almost annihilated the obyriths from the Abyss, Pale Night devised a plan of revenge. It is not clear exactly how, but she somehow used Ascodel's concern for the children of the eladrin people to force him into making a pact, which—unbeknownst to him—condemned thousands of eladrin children to eternity trapped on the 471st layer of the Abyss, Androlynne. A host of celestials immediately came to the aid of the trapped, perpetually young eladrin children. In one of the wars that followed, Ascodel gave his life defending the ones that he accidentally betrayed.[1]


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