Ashabenford was the capital and largest settlement of Mistledale, the central, most-well-protected dale within the Dalelands. It served as a marketplace for local Dalesfolk farmers and generally a pleasant locale for visitors.[1]


Composed of rustic homes and collections of cottages, Ashabenford sat on the eastern side of the River Ashaba, though some of its notable buildings were found also on the west bank. The busy trade route of the Moonsea Ride passed through the center of the small town,[4] and it served as a major stop between Cormyr and Hillsfar.[5]


The Council of Six were elected representatives from around Mistledale who appointed the High Councilor of both Ashabenford and the dale. Once chosen, the High Councilor was expected to reside in Ashabenford all year round. Between, at least, the years of 1367 DR and 1372 DR, the reigning High Councilor was Haresk Malorn.[6]


The presence of the Moonsea Ride meant the town had little need for a large open air market, with many services instead being found along the route. Local farmers keen to sell their wares avoided the main trade route, tending instead to stop the wagons in the many yards or lanes dotted around the pleasant backstreets of the town.[4]


As the Barracks of the Riders was located in Ashabenford, the town was regularly garrisoned and patrolled by around sixteen Riders of Mistledale. In addition, between 50 or 60 militia members were kept there in training.[7]

Notable locationsEdit


Inns and boarding housesEdit

  • Ashabenford Arms: An excellent inn with unequaled rooms and service.[1]
  • Barracks of the Riders: This walled hold was home to Mistledale's first-line defenders. It housed their training grounds, as a small keep used as the dale's jailhouse.[2]
  • The Six Shields: A rooming house that offered room and board to the dales working people for low cost.[9]
  • White Hart Inn: This honest inn, run by Holfast Harpenshield, catered to adventurers and had very reasonable rates.[1]

Shops and costersEdit


  • Arlho's Fine Flasks: Run by a sheepish Cormyrian, this brewery/distillery sold goods of excellent quality.[2]
  • Velvet Veil: Rumors and stories from all the corners of Faerûn came through this festhall and was regularly shared by the local entertainers and serving staff.[1]


  • Harvest Table: This small, roadside shrine to the Great Mother was popular among the locals,[11] but dwarfed by the massive temple of Tyr.[2]
  • Temple of Tyr: The clergy of this grand sanctuary aided the Riders of Mistledale in their defense of Cormanthor against the Drow.[1]





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