The Ashabenford Arms inn was a time-honored establishment found in Ashabenford in the late 14th century DR.[1] They provided the absolute best services in the Dalelands[2] but were seen as more ostentatious than other, more informal inns, like the White Hart.[3] They were so well-regarded that they drew in merchants who would rather go out of their way to be pampered at the Ashabenford Arms and take a longer overland route than get to their destination in a prompt manner.[2]


Each guest was serviced by an attractive and discreet attendant to guide them to the dining hall, see to all their culinary needs, and subtly clean up behind them as needed. Services included food and drink brought to the client's room, personal bathing, and being put in bed, wrapped with linens. It had to be noted however, they did not provide the more personal services that could normally be found in a festhall.[2]


The cost for a room for one night ranged from 16 sp in 1367 DR,[1] to 1 gp 6 sp in 1372 DR.[3]



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