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Asharra (pronounced: /ɑːˈʃɑːrɑːah-SHAR-ah[3]), or Teacher, as she was known by her own kind, was an elderly aarakocra druid,[note 1] as well the leader of Kir Sabal near the end of the 15th century DR. She was venerated by the others in her community, to the point of being considered sacred.[1][2]


Asharra was exceptionally insightful and equally ambitious. While she had a propensity for manipulating others, she never acted in a manner that was malicious or uncaring.[1][2]

She knew the specifications of a ritual called the Dance of the Seven Winds, that allowed a small number of people to temporarily gain the power of flight.[1]


Asharra owned a collection of 44 books, all of which were published before the Year of Blue Fire, 1385 DR. They covered a variety of subjects including mathematics, geography, and philosophy, among others.[4]

Asharra owned several staves of distinct designs. A simple driftwood staff, decorated with intricate carvings, an aarakocra battle staff often used in battle and ceremonial arms by the aarakocra royal guards, a staff carved out of suth decorated with colorful feathers, cloth, and jewelry. Enchanted staves of hers were: a warstaff of the Wind Dukes and a staff of the magi. She was often armed with daggers, such as a simple carving knife, a dark zalantar-hafted blade with a black blade dipped in ink, a shiv crafted out of a velociraptor fang, a magical runic blade of Aaqa, and the Dance Blade of the Seven Winds used in the Dance of the Seven Winds ritual.[2]

Her collection of robes included an elder's raiment, purely ceremonial vestment of aarakocra elders, a battle mage tunic that offered some defense in combat, an enchanted set of prestigious chromatic vestments, and the powerful ceremonial garments of the Black Orchid. Asharra used magical amulets to enhance her spellcasting abilities. Such amulets included a simple copper cain, a citrine pendant, an intricately weaved silver string dreamcatcher that protected her from nightmares and curses, an enchanted sapphire pendant of mage armor, and a powerful item, the glorious diamond necklace of the airborne.[2]


Her needs were seen to by an elderly servant named Yingmatona, who aside from Prince Na, was the only individual allowed within her home.[4]


Asharra charging into battle.

In the late 15th century DR, the aarakocra of Kir Sabal sheltered the current heirs of the royal family of Omu, Prince Na and Princess Mwaxanaré. While Asharra stated their actions were altruistic in nature, she held some aspirations of uplifting the aarakocra to a higher social standing in Chult. She sheltered the young royals and raised them with an sense of entitlement and skewed perspective of their royal authority within greater Faerûn.[5]



  1. According to Chris Dupuis, a Wizards of the Coast producer, Asharra was changed from a wizard to a druid late in the development of Tomb of Annihilation. As a result, Asharra is portrayed as a wizard in several games based on Tomb, such as Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms and Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation. In future appearances, Asharra will be referenced as a wizard.



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