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Ashemmon, also called Ashemmon of Rhymanthiin,[4] was a half-elf sorcerer of Rhymanthiin and the fifth Blackstaff of Waterdeep.[5][3] [note 1]


Ashemmon wore no beard and had blond hair nearly to the ground. Sigils and runes covered his shoulders and neck. He had hawklike features.[2]


Ashemmon became Blackstaff in Ches of 1424 DR, after the death of Krehlan Arunsun.[5] According to Sarathus Hothemer in his treatise Blackstaves: Their History (Year of the Forged Sigil, 1459 DR), Ashemmon outshone all Blackstaffs except Khelben in matters of statecraft.[6]

In his life, Ashemmon mentored Samark Dhanzscul, who became the sixth Blackstaff.[7]

Ashemmon died in the 1464 DR and was succeeded by Samark.[8] Ashemmon's spirit-template went on to reside within Blackstaff Tower along with the spirit-templates of the other former Blackstaffs.[9]




  1. Although it is not stated explicitly, Ashemmon was in all likelihood the son of Sememmon and Ashemmi.[speculation]