Ashenford Torinbow was a druid and a member of the Elder Circle of the Emerald Enclave and a follower of Silvanus during the Second Sundering.


Early in his life he was a Harper in Dalelands until 1328 DR when was captured and tortured by the Zhentarim. After being rescued Ashenford left the Harper and lived for a time in Waterdeep as bard before to relocate in Vilhon Reach where joined the Emerald Enclave.[1] Ashenford represented half-elves among the three members of the Elder Circle. Because of the chaos caused by the Spellplague, which had altered nature's ecosystems and driven mad the elf member of the Elder Circle, Cindermoon, the Elder Circle was stagnating.

In 1486 DR, the boy prophet of Lathander, Stedd Whitehorn, arrived and successfully cured Cindermoon.[2]




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