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Ashhold was an ash giant citadel in the Black Ash Plain. The citadel's fortifications were entirely natural and consisted of huge basalt pillars with lava pits and flows.[1]


Ashhold was considered a holy land by ash giants, and thus a neutral ground between their tribes.[1]

In 1479 DR, the green dragon Skuthosiin took control of the citadel and used its influence to control the ash giants tribes,[1] and launched a campaign to conquer former Untheric lands, including Tymanther.[2] After the wizard Biri uncovered Skuthosiin as the true mastermind of the giants,[3] Vanquisher Tarhun ordered a joint military operation with all the tymatheran military forces and led a siege to Ashhold. In the ensuing battle, the dragonborn killed Skuthosiin, ending the giant threat to Tymanther.[4]