Ashideena was a magical warhammer, named after the brilliant military strategist Lady Ashideena, that dated back to the 13th century DR.[1]


This warhammer possessed a +2 enchantment that shocked any person or creature it struck.[1]


The hammer was originally wielded by Dergat Wiltoon, a grave warrior who served as the Field Captain of Lady Ashideena. The two served together during the entire conflict that surrounded the Black Horde ravaging the lands of the North, the Sword Coast and the Lands of Intrigue in the Year of the Black Horde, 1235 DR.[1]

Following the war, Lady Ashideena and Dergat fell in love with one another and eventually got married. It was rumored that Dergat named his weapon after his bride as a reminder of their love and how hard he had fought to preserve it in the face of war.[1]

At some point prior to the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR Ashideena came into the possession of the deranged Cyricist cleric, Bassilus.[1]



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