Ashira were spirits of trees that lived mainly in palm trees, plum trees, banana trees, etc. These creatures were a subspecies of the fairies that lived on the open spaces of Zakhara. They led joyful and carefree lives and often were close friends of people who looked after their trees. People could sometimes hear their beautiful singing at nights.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Ashira were very peaceful creatures and always preferred to flee from battle, if their trees were not threatened or in danger. However, if presented with a direct threat to their garden, they could be very dangerous and bloodthirsty. To avoid a fight, they often used a spell of charm, although usually tried to negotiate first without the use of magic.

Their main difference from dryads was that ashiras held no attachment to a specific tree; instead, they were attached to the whole garden or orchard. If the whole garden was threatened, then all the ashira there rushed frantically to its defense. If an ashira saw that it was losing a battle, then it could hide in any tree in their orchard.

One interesting habit of ashira was that they would never kill a defeated enemy, preferring instead to treat and heal them and carry them far away from the garden.

Habitat/Society[edit | edit source]

Ashira possessed a clan-based society and lived together very amicably. When they gathered, they almost constantly sang and danced and had fun. All decisions they took together, voting and taking the opinions of each member of the clan. If an ashira was forced to live alone, it became morose and moody.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Ashira could eat fruit from their garden, but more often they spent the day soaking up the energy of the sun. Ashira very often depended on the people who protected them, planted new trees, and help them managed their garden.[1]

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