Ashurta was a mystic and one of the leaders of the Sand Kings rebel group in Anauroch in 1479 DR.[1]


When Ashurta was very young, a Shadovar patrol killed her parents. In time, she became the leader of the Sand Kings.[1]

In 1479 DR, the Sand Kings discovered that the Shadovar were on the verge of gaining control of the Spiral Gate, a crucial portal nexus. So they tried to sabotage the Shadovar's efforts.[1]

Some of her group recovered one of the scroll fragments needed to activate the portal to the Spiral Gate but were pursued by Durbela and his troops. A group of adventurers became involved in the incident, and she offered to hire the adventurers to assist her in her fight against the Shadovar.[1]


Ashurta had dedicated her life to destroying the Shadovar. She had an analytical mind and a thoughtful demeanor, making her a good tactician.[1]


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