Asilther Graelor was a Harper agent.[1]


Asilther always followed Mintiper Moonsilver, believing she owed her life to him. She preferred spending her time in the wilderness over cities.[1]


Asilther was saved by Mintiper from Calishite slavers. She regained her health but not her memories, remembering only that she was born in the Forest of Tethir.[1]

Asilther was an acquaintance of lady Alustriel of Silverymoon and had many dealings with the Lords of Waterdeep, but very few knew she was an Harper.[1]

Asilther usually performed missions like protecting and guiding some individuals, shadowing or kidnapping others, and killing agents of Luskan and of the Zhentarim.[1]

One of her best exploits was stealing from the hoard of the adult black dragon Shammagar in a mountain north of Waterdeep. Shammagar promised revenge but Asilther discovered the secret name of the dragon thanks to exploits of Mirt.[1]

Later some said she made peace with the dragon, agreeing to return his hoard. Because of this Asilther stole from a Luskan ship full of treasures raided in Ruathym and directed it to the new lair of Shammagar.[1]



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