Askulder, known as the "Hand of Tiamat", was the High Suikh (king[2][3]) of the city-state of Ormpur on the edge of Lapaliiya in southwest Faerûn at the beginning of the 14th century DR.[1]


Askulder succeeded his uncle, Naether.[1] He had a foster daughter, Chansreena (princess) Maerildarraine.[1][3] He was attended by the court fool Jeremmer Hardree.[1]


On Kythorn 12 in the Year of Thunder, 1306 DR, High Suikh Askulder was murdered by Chansreena Maerildarraine. She seized the throne and declared herself Queen of Ormpur, then burned the royal temple of Tiamat, triggering a holy war. To Ormpurrans, this shocking day would be known ever afterward as "Bloodsword".[3][1]



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