Assam was a small city on the northern side of the Shining Plains.[1]


While Assam was the northernmost city in the Shining Plains, it was still several leagues south of the northern edge of the plain. It was located on the southern bank of the Wet River where the road from Ormath crossed the river at a wide ford. Assam had no walls to speak of and relied on its ruling cities for protection.[1] That is not to say Assam was defenseless though, they had a sizable standing militia that kept fights and violence within the city to a minimum.[2]


The city-states of Lheshayl and Ormath ruled Assam together. Delegates were sent from both city-states to make up the ruling council. In 1372 DR, Honlinar Tempest was the mayor and he kept everything running smoothly. Honlinar served both city-states and worked hard to keep them happy by dealing with any business interruptions swiftly.[1] The most common dispute brought before the government of Assam was over the intermingling herds of cattle surrounding the city.[2]


Assam was a town of merchants and was dedicated to its trade. The town was surrounded by caravans, wagons, and herds of animals.[1] The government gave merchants virtually free run over the city, so much so that travelers commonly felt that the merchants are in charge of the city.[2]



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