Assassins are deadly and ruthless killers and spies that draw upon the power of shadow magic.[1]


The abilities of an assassin are skilled at being able to kill or incapacitate a target while avoiding confrontation. They are skilled at dealing critical damage from sneak attacks and can poison their weapons without the risk of accidentally poisoning themselves. With training they can deliver a sneak attack that can instantly kill their target; alternatively, if the target is wanted alive they can merely paralyze it, allowing time for them to be tied up, placed in manacles or otherwise restrained. At higher levels the assassin can even hide themselves while in plain sight of an enemy.

Provided they have a high enough intelligence, assassins also gain a limited amount of magical ability, allowing them to cast arcane spells. The spell effects are generally those that make it easier to approach or kill a target, or those that aid the assassin's escape if discovered. Only spells up to 4th level may be cast.

Requirements for AssassinEdit

To become an assassin, the character must be on an evil alignment. They must also be skilled at disguising themselves, moving silently and hiding from their targets. The final step is to prove their worth by hunting down and killing their target in cold blood. To prove that they are talented in the arts of stealth and assassination.

Any class except paladins can become an assassin; though fallen paladins are accepted.


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