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Assassins were dangerous and ruthless killers that acted as spies, and drew upon the power of shadow magic.[5]


These deadly killers were evil by nature, and were experts at disguise. As well as this, they were sufficiently skilled enough to move silently, hide from their targets, and execute stealth attacks.[3]

Assassins spent their lifetimes engaged in spy missions, some involving spending months or even years in hostile territory. The aim was to gather crucial information, and return to their spymasters or employers with intel that could change the fate of worlds.[6]


Assassins were skilled at being able to kill or incapacitate targets while avoiding confrontation. They were masters at dealing high damage from sneak attacks, and could even poison their weapons without the risk of poisoning themselves. With training, they could deliver stealth attacks that could instantly kill their target. Alternatively, if their target was wanted alive, they had the ability to merely paralyze them, allowing time for them to be tied up, or otherwise restrained.[3]

Provided they were intelligent enough, assassins also gained a limited amount of magical ability, allowing them to cast some minor arcane spells. The spell effects were generally those that made it easier to approach or kill a target, or those that aided the assassin's escape, if discovered.[3]


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