The Assassins Guild of the Galenas, also called the Citadel of Assassins, was an assassins guild based in the Galena Mountains in Damara.


The Guild was once loyal to Zhengyi the Witch-King. It remained an enemy to the throne of the Bloodstone Lands[1] In 1372 DR, Bregan D’aerthe, under the orders of Jarlaxle (and with the consent of Kimmuriel Oblodra) easily infiltrated a base of the guild and forcefully recruited Knellict as an ally, thus bringing the Citadel of Assassins under the influence of the drow mercenary organization.[2]


As of 1372 DR, the leader of the guild was Timoshenko, Grandfather of Assassins, who played the political face of the organization. His chief lieutenent, the wizard Knellict, carried out the dirty work.[3]


After the fall of Zhengyi, the Citadel was chased from Heliogabalus. They took refuge in a complex of caverns in the mountainside of the Galena Mountains, east of the Vaasan Gate. Suites of rooms reach far back into the mountain, some carved by hired stone masons and miners, many others created by Knellict's magic. The caves are full of comforts and treasures, inviting aromas and magically lit walkways. Knellict and his wizards created and maintain a series of magical portals to strategic locations within Gareth's kingdom.[4]

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