Assault on Maerimydra is an adventure module set in the Forgotten Realms using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition ruleset. It is part of the Rage of Demons series of adventures published for the D&D Adventurers League. It focuses on Maerimydra and Sporedome, and is an adventure designed for three to seven 11th- to 16th-level characters.

The time has come for the brave and the bold to put an end to the machinations of Maerimydra’s demonic occupiers and their fiendish fire giant ruler. This will be no mean feat; the city is a cesspit of corruption and madness. You will have help, however, as an unlikely group of allies have gathered to your side in the Underdark beneath Faerûn. Danger, glory, and redemption await those brave enough to seize it.[1]

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The adventure begins with adventurers gathering in Sporedome with the various factions that have rallied against the fire giants of Maerimydra.

The arrayed factions work together to concoct a plan to assault Maerimydra, splitting their forces across various objectives.

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AgaricusAlexaniaAusurielBexronChaabCoralynn WinsailDorina T'sarranDornal WhitebeardElanil ElassidilElisandeGraz'ztGrumbleHledh HellspawnHuumJoiifericusLandraMaforie ChûmavhMatliedunMotherNevik'DethigOlisara LightsongOxaniaSaradreza OussmtorSenidranSeranolla the WhispererSolom Ned'razakSquallocksVerixVilcuumVragni MoonsmithVuhm YestralZern Xerkstil
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Aya GlenmiirBaphometDemogorgonDuneth WharreilFraz-Urb'luuGlenna MoonsmithGromph BaenreIrae T'sarranJuiblexKurgoth HellspawnOrcusTorin NomerthalVizeran DeVirVorgansharaxYeenoghuZuggtmoy
Abolethbarlguracambionchasmedriderdrowderrodogdwarfelffiendbornefire giantgiant spiderghostglabrezugnomegoatgoristrogradpol symbiotehalf-orchezrouhumanmind flayermummymyconidnalfeshneenightmarenycalothogreorcorogquaggothquasitshadow demonspectresuccubusumber hulkvampirevrockyochlol
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elder brain
Buildings & Sites
Castle MaerimydraCave of Black WhispersColiseumLake of BloodShattered TowerSix-Fingered CourtyardSlave DistrictUnderdoorUndying Temple
Deep WastesLowerdarkSporedomeUnderdark
AbyssEthereal Plane
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Araj TowerElventreeHillsfar MenzoberranzanMoonseaMulmasterPhlanPlodding PlowRavagestoneRyzygSword CoastSzith MorcaneWaydownYûlash
Magic Items
demon armorrobe of starsWave of Sorrow
antimagic fielddimensional lockglyph of wardingteleport
bloodfire dustbraincapdrow poisonRage of DemonsFaerzressSeven Symbols of Evil
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Tyranny of Dragons
Emerald EnclaveHarpersLords' AllianceOrder of the GauntletRed PlumesZhentarim
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House ChûmavhHouse DeVirHouse T'sarran
Church of EilistraeeChurch of GruumshChurch of KiaranslaeeChurch of Mielikki
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