Astral ships were vessels capable of swiftly navigating the infinite expanse of the Astral Plane. Several designs of astral vessels existed for different purposes. Some were capable of transitioning to planes other than the Astral, while others were outfitted with spelljamming helms that made them capable of flying through the vast distances between worlds in the Prime Material plane as well.[1][2]

Description[edit | edit source]

Many different designs of astral ships existed. The most common non-spelljamming vessels included the astral clipper and the astral schooner, which navigated by capturing the astral winds in mesh sails built on multiple masts that extended in all directions outward from the ship. Their hull configuration included both open decks similar to sailing ships and closed decks that could only be accessed through hatches. Neither of those designs were functional outside of the Astral Plane.[2]

Spelljammers sailing the Astral Plane typically made use of fan-shaped sails to catch the astral winds and to help with steering. Their spelljamming helms allowed for plane shifting magic, making them common sights across many different planes.[3]

Githyanki-built astral ships were powered by spelljamming helms that converted psionic energy into motion. They were usually piloted by a gish.[4] The main astral ship designs in the githyanki fleet included the small astral skiffs, capable of carrying about a dozen passengers; larger astral brigs that were more heavily armed and could carry up to 60 passengers; and a few planar raiders, their largest ships.[4][5]

History[edit | edit source]

A fleet of githyanki astral ships during a raid.

The githyanki obtained the knowledge to construct astral ships by discovering the magic behind the workings of nautiloids at the time of the war for the liberation of the gith from enslavement by the mind flayers. Since the war, the githyanki developed their own designs to suit their purposes and built a formidable fleet of astral ships.[4]

In the late 15th century DR, githyanki astral ships and trading spelljammers docked regularly at Stardock to deliver supplies.[6]

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