The astrolabe of Nimbral was a powerful, greater artifact that allowed someone skilled in it's use to teleport a large object, and everything and everyone inside, anywhere on the planet.[1]


The astrolabe appeared as a large, unwieldy apparatus that appeared as a cross between a pipe organ and a printing press. It had many knobs, levers and knobs that facilitated its use.[1]


After its creation in Nimbral, the astrolabe was stored in the vaults of the Nimbral lords for many years. Some time before 1372 DR it was stolen by a group led by the Halruaan wizard Dwalimar Omen and taken to Halruaa. He installed the cumbersome machination on his skyship the Realms Master where it was used to search Toril for artifacts for the Netyarch Zalathorm Kirkson.[1]


The extent of the powers of teleportation possessed by the astrolabe was beyond most other items in Faerûn. It could move an object as large as a ship or tower, up to 20,000 cu. ft in volume, anywhere on Toril.[1] When the target was moved, it was subject to any changes in it's physical surroundings such as the slope or stability of the land underneath, or changes in altitude.[2]

It took tremendous knowledge of the arcane to properly operate the machine. If someone used it without understanding, they could transport their target object up to 500 miles away from the desired location.[2]



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