Asuras were good messenger spirits in service to deities, and as such were the main competitors to the devas. They were a symbol of goodness and light, kindness and tenderness, and often appeared on the Material Plane helping mystics and faithful.[1]


An asura resembled a human with marble-pale skin and huge red wings,[1] which were made of flame.[2] Their feet were armed with eagle claws and they wore loose togas.[1]


Sword of Righteousness

An asura warrior.

From time immemorial, asuras were messengers, not soldiers, but their strength and combat experience were not to be underestimated. They preferred to attack their opponents from the air, causing terrible wounds by claws and hand-held weapons. Being one of the wisest creatures in the outer planes, they were immune to many forms of enchantment and were completely protected from illusions. Thanks to their marvelous vision, an asura could easily recognize lies and punish the guilty. Asuras could also transform into a human or demihuman to go unnoticed. In this case, their abilities were retained.[1]


In their native planes, asuras were managed by experienced commanders who they unconditionally obeyed. But, at any time, any of the asuras could easily switch allegiance to another commander as their service was always free. There were also wandering free asuras, helping people around the world and showing by example how to live.[1]

All asuras together, calling themselves the Grand Celestial Host,[3] recognized a supreme general called Absalom as their leader.[1]


Asuras were beings living in the outer planes and thus did not directly influence the ecology of Zakhara.[1]


Queen Morwel of the eladrin was allied to a powerful brass dragon named Ronothere. Through him, she lent military aid to the cause of the archomental Zaaman Rul in his resistance against Imix, and this aid included a squad of asuras.[4]


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- An example of a rogue asuras.


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