Athanar was a major port of the planet Coliar in Realmspace,[1][2] one of only about 50 such trading posts scattered throughout that truly massive planet.[4]


Athanar was an aarakocra spelljamming port.[2] Like all land masses within the atmosphere of Coliar, Athanar was a floating island,[2][4] one of many thousands.[4]

The port contained several structures. A stream flowed through the town and poured off the edge to fall to unfathomable depths.[2]


Athanar Congress Building Interior-PoR

An aarakocra sits at a desk in the Congress building of Athanar.

The aarakocra of Coliar maintained democractic governments.[3] On Athanar, that government's business was centralized at the Congress building.[2]


Athanar charged a moorage fee of 125 gold pieces and an exorbitant air tax of 200 gold pieces.[2] An additional cargo tax was also charged, which was based on the amount of cargo being carried by mooring spelljammers.[2]


Shrine of Syranita Interior-PoR

A shrine to Syranita on Athanar.

The islanders of Athanar were known to revere the god Syranita, and the port contained at least one shrine dedicated to her.[2]

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