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Athkatla Graveyard.

The Grave District of Athkatla was the city's southernmost ward and essentially a vast graveyard, full of ornately designed mortuaries and crypts.[1] Beneath the stone walkways of the ward were a series of multi-leveled tombs, interconnected by trapped passageways.[2]

Located in the southernmost section of the city, the grave district was walled off from the other wards, though it could be entered via the Cold Dolor. The Sparandar Gate led south, out of the city.[3]


The mausoleums within the grave district were often used for secret meetings and clandestine rendezvous. It was not uncommon for Athkatlans to have day-time meals between the tomb-markers and headstones.[1]

At night, the district was heavily patrolled by city guards to stop unlawfulness, such as vagrant Athkatlans from setting up shanty communities in tents and lean-tos.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit


In the 1360s DR, the grave district was "haunted" by the spirit of a halfling boy named Wellyn.[2]


In 1369 DR, the vampire Bodhi and her clan hid within the subterranean tomb complex after she stole a portion of the soul of the Bhaalspawn Imoen.[2]



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