Atiq el Catahras was the owner of The Roving Rune, a popular inn in Teshburl, in 1370 DR.[1]


Atiq was the nephew of former wizard who used to occupy the minaret tower in which The Roving Rune resided.[1]

He was married to a woman named Raisa, and they had a daughter named Oma. The two woman were mages—a rarity in Teshburl—and with his blessing they practiced their skills in the secret basement level of the tower.[1]


Atiq had previously lived in Memnon, until he learned that he had inherited a wizard's tower from his uncle. So he moved his family south to the isolated town of Teshburl and converted the former magic school into an inn and tavern. He had never fully understood all the secrets the tower had to offer.[1]


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