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Atomies (pronounced: /ˈɑːtəmiAHT-uh-mee[3]) were a kind of tiny sprite.[1]


Atomies were tiny creatures that resembled elves with green-tinted skin and four dragonfly-like wings. They were only about 1 foot (30 centimeters) tall.[1]


Atomies were whimsical, lighthearted fey who avoided creatures that they considered too serious.[1] They typically felt bitterness towards unforeseen intruders in their homes, with the exception of grigs.[4]


The eyes of an atomie possessed infravision with a range of 90​ to ​120 feet (27​ to ​37 meters)[1][2] as well as ultravision out to 120 ft (37 m).[2]


As fey, atomies possessed several innate magical powers and could replicate the effects of blink, invisibility, pass plant, speak with animals, and summon insects at will.[1]


Atomies preferred to attack in groups and by diving at opponents, although they preferred to scare off intruders with magical and mundane tricks. They wielded appropriately sized crossbows, spears, and swords.[1]


Avoiding the company of outsiders and creatures they deemed "too serious", atomies lived in small tribes in temperate forests. Their leadership system was loose, based upon storytelling and singing ability.[1]

Although atomies had no concept of pets, some had "mushroom friends" growing in their houses.[1]


Atomies were herbivorous creatures. They especially favored nuts and considered honey to be a delicacy.[1] They were known to forage for food during dusk.[4]


Each family in the tribe would claim a large, hardwood tree and hollow out a series of rooms to use as a house. The trees were then connected with a network of balconies, bridges, and landings.[1] If there were a lack of large trees in an area they wished to settle in, atomie would build underground burrows that were entered through the hollow trunks of trees.[4]

Grigs were one of the few creatures known to live alongside atomie in their settlements.[4]


Atomie were known to inhabit the forests of Cormanthor, Cormyr, the Dalelands, and Sembia.[5] They were also known to inhabit the Forest of Tethir.[6]

Beyond Realmspace, atomie were also known to inhabit the Elemental Plane of Air.[7] and the planet Oerth.[8]


Atomies primarily worshiped the deity Damh.[9]

Atomies were one of many favored monsters that acted as servants to priests of the Elven deities Aerdrie Faenya, Erevan Ilesere, Hanali Celanil, and Rillifane Rallathil.[10] They were also known to be servants of the deity Silvanus.[11]


Atomies were known to speak the language of pixies, a dialect of the language of sprites, smatterings of Common,[2] and Sylvan. Some reports claimed they also spoke their own unique language as well. In addition, atomies could speak to plants and animals.[1]



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