Atorrnash was an ancient city of dark elves in the southern parts of Faerûn. It existed in the Dawn Age and was ruled by an Iythiiri-archmage. The City was on a peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides. The whole City was made of dark stone drawn from the earth itself in the form of finished buildings. Gemstones formed elaborate mosaics and patterns on walls or paved the walkways. A wall of black rock surrounded the city.[1] Atorrnash was destroyed during the changes and earthquakes following the Sundering.[2]


It was the city of Ilythiiri, dark elves and ancestors of the drow. But it was also a place of merchants and many of other folk came as visitors or lived there as minor classes. Some of the strangest creatures may have been created by magical meanings as slaves for the dark elves.[3]


The ruler of the city, the archmage Ka'Narlist was a worshiper of Ghaunadaur but there were also worshippers of Vhaeraun at that time.[4]

Places of interest

Ka’Narlist’s Keep

Atorrnash was dominated by a huge estate, surrounded by a high wall. It was a single expanse of solid rock. It was the home of the archmage Ka'Narlist who ruled over Atorrnash.[5]

The Bay of the Banshee

The waters around Atorrnash were too turbulent for the sheltered place. In the night blew hot and dry winds from the south and the sea shrieked like a lost, demented soul. The Ilythiiri called it for that reason The Bay of the Banshee. There were rumors that many elves died, when the rocks of the city were magicaly drawn from the earth and more died when the waters rushed in and filled the void.[5]



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