Attunement was a spell that the drow used to attune themselves to the items and wards of their Houses.[1]


Attunement gave the recipient the ability to safely use items like the house insignia or other items with the House symbol on them. The recipient could also safely walk past the defensive traps and wards of the House.[1]

The spell gave the ability to use the insignias by giving the knowledge of how to trigger these items but nothing else. Information like what kind of power was stored in the insignias or how many of them existed had to be gained through other channels.[1]

The spell affected the recipient permanently. It ended when the recipient died or the curse of the insignia was triggered.[1]


Attunement required somatic, verbal, and an array of material components in the form of a drop of tears from the recipient, a tiny moonstone or diamond, and the holy symbol of the caster, which was the material component that was not consumed in the casting.[1]


The spell was associated with the drow. It was part of the attunement ritual.[1]



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