The attunement was a ritual drow high ranked within their Houses underwent.[1]


Drow Houses built defensive wards and traps into their headquarters like house defense glyphs. The ritual provided a means to safely circumvent these while at the same time ensuring the loyalty of the recipient via a threat.[1]


The participants in this ritual were the House Matron, the House Patron, the highest-ranking priestess (after the Matron), a wizard (usually the House Wizard), and the recipient of the ritual. The recipient needed a drow house insignia.[2]

The House Matron and Patron were overseers. The wizard was there to cast bestow curse on the recipient. Usually, the curse was one that mandated the recipient to not hand over the drow house isiginia to others or damage or destroy it. After this, the recipient prayed to Lolth while the priestess cast the spell attunement on that person. After the procedure, the recipient had a one-on-one instruction by the wizard in a private place. After that, a feast was held.[2]


As mentioned above, the recipient of the ritual was the target of a bestow curse spell. This ritual prevented the recipient from damaging, handing over, or destroying the drow house insignia. On doing one of these thing, the recipient was cursed, usually in the form of a continual light effect on the recipient for a number of days depending on the wizard's skill. The continual light made it difficult for the drow to function properly and made it impossible to hide from detection.[2]



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