Aubayreer's Workbook was the personal spellbook of Aubayreer, the former Mage-king of Aglarond. [1]


The pages of this spellbook were made from a long strip of the green bark of a hiexel tree, folded like the body of a squeezebox into 18 faces. It was bound by two pieces of oiled wood and fastened with a small hemp cord. On one of the plates was Aubayreer's personal rune, identifying the tome as his personal work.[1]


This book, and the unique spells within, were developed when Aubayreer served as apprentice to the Mages of the Covenant in his youth. When Aubayreer took an apprentice of his own, a mage named Nytholops, he used the tome exclusively for his training. Nytholops extrapolated its contents into a work of his own, known as Chronicles.[1]

After Aubayreer's founding of the magical dynasty of Aglarond, during the reign of his grandson Lurskas, the workbook was stolen from the royal library and its exact location since has been a topic of rumor and hearsay. One anecdote had the mage Nuzar of the Seven Curses perusing it at some point, or at least casting one of the unique spells within.[1]


The workbook contained a blank face, which Aubayreer used as a surface for runes or symbols, 14 faces with common spells, one with his version of the spell ice storm and the last two containing unique spells he had crafted himself.[1]

Read magicBurning handsDancing lightsEnlargeIdentifyLightMessageWriteESPWizard lockDispel magicExplosive runesFireballExtension IHailcone (unique) • Phase trap (unique) • Thunderlance (unique)



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