Augathra the Mad was a Netherese magic user, scholar, and seer. She received visions and wrote them down into a chronology that would become known as the Roll of Years. To her chagrin, she received dark and disturbing visions during her sleep. These disturbing visions would become known as the Black Chronology and she would pen them into a new tome now called the Book of the Black.[1]


The dark prophesies she received slowly twisted her mind beyond the borders of sanity. In moments of clarity, Augathra would try to end her existence as an escape from the black divinations she was receiving. Unfortunately, all her attempts would end in some form of failure that would leave her alive.[1]


In her wanderings, she came to the ruins of Synod. Realizing the unique interaction of this site with the Sharn Wall she decided to research and perform a ritual to transform herself into a sharn, hoping this would end her torment.[1]

In 684 DR, after much research and preparation, she began the ritual. This time, as the rite reached its climax, a mage named Shar Cormrael interrupted Augathra's casting. The resulting disturbance caused the ritual to go wrong and not only Augathra, but Shar Cormrael, and a spying phaerimm named Xeris[3] were drawn into the rite and all three were fused into the body of a single Sharn. The twisted magic of the ritual trapped the new sharn in Synod and also drew in other phaerimms who, seeing this creature as unique, set up a cabal to study (and torture) the trapped creature.[4]

In 1375 DR adventurers discovered Synod and in their delve discovered the sharn and communicated with it. Their questions eventually reached the Augathra conciousness and she provided them with a few visions, that in combination with her recovered notes, also in Synod, pointed them to seek the Terraseer to continue their quest to recover the Quess Ar Teranthvar.[5]


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