Auleethaea Cormaeril was a member of House Cormaeril and served as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Alvandira of Cormyr in the late 12th and early 13th centuries DR.[1]


Auleethaea was a petite woman with green eyes, pale blonde hair, soft features, and healthy skin. She dressed in fine gowns as befitted a noblewoman, but blended into the background when serving in the presence of royalty.[1]


She was attentive and more observant than she appeared. While on duty, she kept her eyes lowered, her mouth shut, and her ears open, ready to jump at a word from the Queen.[1]


She was present at many important events in the lives of King Pryntaler and Queen Alvandira, primarily because the Queen insisted on accompanying the King when he traveled most places. Rather than indulge in gossip, she wrote about her experiences and observations in her diary.[1]


She was privy to the events surrounding the surrender of Eltrym Drauthglas, the Lord of Hullack. She witnessed Chanthar Huntsilver take a blade intended to slay the King while they were encamped. She also wrote about her relative, Donder Cormaeril, and his brush with death at the hands of Ongmar Jarthoon, and the King's response to the would-be rebel leader.[2] She nearly foiled what could have been a treasonous betrayal of the King by Beldarm Truesilver when she overheard him accept a large bribe to abet an assassin from Sembia, but was as shocked and relieved as the Queen and everyone else when it turned out Beldarm was playing along with the Sembian agent and was giving the King his confession and surrender when the guards mustered on her word burst into the royal apartments with blades drawn.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Based on hints found in Auleethaea's diaries and other documents, Volothamp Geddarm, the famed historian and world traveler, theorized that Beldarm Truesilver was the secret identity of the Hullack Hawk—a notorious bandit that attacked Sembian mercantile interests and estates in the contentious region between Cormyr and Sembia. Volo was convinced that the Hawk was a legend promulgated by Donder Cormaeril and Althallan Crownsilver in order to foment trouble between Sembia and the Lord of Hullack while benefiting Cormyr.[1]



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