Aulmpiter was a nycaloth and a member of the Trio Nefarious and leader of the Army of Darkness.[1]


Aulmpiter was first summoned to the Realms by the Netherse archwizard Aldlas Sodhese. Aldlas set them forth on the task to locate the Nether Scrolls, thought to be somewhere in the elven lands. For three months The Trio Nefarious ravaged the elven lands until they met with the army of Cormanthyr and were captured and imprisoned. Nearly 2 millenia later they escaped and began raising an army that soon descended upon Cormanthyr.[1]


On Flamerule 15th, 714 DR, in the battle known as Banes' Duel, Aulmpiter was slain in battle by Captain Fflar, five days before Myth Drannor was to fall to the remains of the army.[1]



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