Aumark Lithyl was the ruler of Ruathym.[1]


Before becoming the ruler of Ruathym, Aumark Lithyl was a member of the adventuring band known as the Knights of Myth Drannor.[2] He left the party after his father, Ulphron Lithyl was slain during the war with Luskan in Kythorn, 1356 DR.[3]

During a war with Luskan in Uktar, 1357 DR[4], Aumark united the island of Ruathym and brought the four conflicting nations together into a single united kingdom unified nation.[1]

Around 1358 DR, Aumark had 500 warriors under his command and three warships, which were loaned to him by First Axe Wedigar Ruthmaald of Holgerstead, a smaller Ruathym kingdom.[5]


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