Aumvor the Undying was an ancient Netherese lich, infamous since Netheril's Age of Discovery for his unmatched mastery over necromancy. He was named "the Undying" because, instead of seeking lichdom, he lived for centuries by leeching the living energy of his "living zombie" servitors, many of them members of his own family.[1]

The casting of Karsus's Avatar in the Year of Sundered Webs, −339 DR, an event that nearly tore the Weave apart and caused the fall of Netheril, caused the activation of his contingency magics: Aumvor was teleported into his hidden lair inside the Endless Caverns, far below the High Forest and transformed into a lich.[1]


Aumvor, in life, was a short and stocky Netherese human mage, with fat hands, a sizable paunch, fair skin and a long, unkempt black hair.[1]

After attaining lichdom, he grew more obese, resembling the bloated, rotten corpse of a drowned man, with bone-white slimy skin dangling over his skeletal frame.[1]


Aumvor, being one of the last Netherese archmages, dreamed of restoring the ancient glory of Netheril and escaping the strictures Mystra placed on the Weave after the disastrous casting of Karsus's Avatar.[1]

He subtly aided promising individuals with Netherese bloodlines by placing grimoires and spell scrolls where they could find them.[1]

Aumvor tried to make Laeral Silverhand his bride by making her find the legendary Crown of Horns. His plot failed thanks to the timely intervention of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, but the involvement of Aumvor remained hidden.[1]

Aumvor developed many spells during his centuries-long research into the necromantic arts. Two of these spells were named after him: Aumvor's fragmented phylactery and Aumvor's soulshatter.[1]


Aumvor was in control of many powerful artifacts, among them the alicorn diadem of Sharrven, the bonestaff of Sadebreth, the Crown of Horns, the jewel cage of Congenio, and the tear of Ascore, which was pyramid-shaped.[1]


Aumvor had a great-grandniece named Morasha, herself a powerful necromancer, who lived with in a tower in the Lonely Moor owned by him.[2]


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