Aumvor's castle was the personal stronghold of the Netherese sorcerer-turned-lich, Aumvor the Undying. It was located in the middle of the Lonely Moor in northwest Faerûn, in a patch of land that seemingly devoid of all life.[1]


Several types of living corpses walked the castle grounds, including zombified jackals.[2]


The black basalt castle had five spires, which stuck out from the ground in the appearance of a hand reaching to the skies. The front gate of the castle was shaped into the muzzle and head of a hyena. Although the keep was built in the middle of moorlands, the rock from which its bricks were made was carved from a mountain some 10' (3 m) underneath the soil. This unique construction caused sand to constantly form around the entrance and castle grounds.[1]

The front courtyard had a staircase that led into the main keep. The main dining hall featured massive stone pillars, carved into the shape of arched skeletons, reaching towards and supporting the vaulted ceiling. While crafted by a master mason, the overall decor was notably macabre.[1]



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