Aumvor's soulshatter was a spell of epic magic.[2]


Aumvor's soulshatter caused the separation of body and soul of a target within 300 feet (91 meters). The separated soul went to the afterlife, but the body continued to live. This body could be made into a secure target of possessions, like that of the magic jar spell, and domination, like that of dominate person. The hollow body could not protect itself from these effects and while its physical capacities were the ones of the original body, the mental capacities were those of the caster.[2]

If the soulless body was not possessed or dominated, it was in a dormant but alive state.[2]

One way to prevent the separation of body and soul was to have an extremely sturdy body. Reverting the process was possible by retrieving the body and then casting raise dead or resurrection on the body. The body, if alive, could be soulless for any length time and these two spells would work.[2]


Aumvor's soulshatter required somatic and verbal components to cast. Casting it took an entire minute.[2]


Aumvor's soulshatter was a product of Aumvor's research in epic magic. It was developed after the Fall of Netheril.[3]


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