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Aunsible Durn was a smith in the town of Ghars in Cormyr in the mid–14th century DR. His smithy had no name, for there was no other in town.[1][2][3]


A skilled smith, Durn forged agricultural tools like horseshoes, plowshares, and scythes, and even various polearms. People traveled for miles to purchase his wares, or at the least the tools. Local farmers with a bit of wealth to spare liked to outfit their workers with bills, halberds, and pikes from Aunsible Durn. Hence he did good business and good work.[1][2]

He was assisted in his work by Dovo.[2] Durn found him to be a good worker, but recognized his many failings. He ordered him to keep his pranks and philandering well away from the smithy and his business, and not to annoy the customers.[3]


While working, Aunsible Durn focused on his task and said little, but when free he was open and talkative.[3]

He assessed the smith in Hultail as "no artist with an anvil".[3]


Durn came to Ghars and set up shop there shortly after the Purple Dragons garrison did. Their presence and the services of craftsfolk such as Durn helped the village grow into a town. He was well established by the mid-1360s DR.[1]

In the first several days of his employment, Dovo, fancying himself a prankster, put a burr under his friend Argys Kral's saddle so it threw him when he mounted. Durn chewed Dovo out for that and he carried out no more of his pranks, at least at the smithy.[3]

In Eleint of the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR, the king's envoy Grodoveth went to the smithy to get his horse re-shoed. Dovo annoyed him with questions and Grodoveth hit him for being too rough with his horse.[3] A few days later, on Eleint 16, Dovo was found dead and Durn was left with a heavy workload to do alone. In the evening, Jasper went to the smithy to speak with Durn as part of his investigation. Over tea in the apartment above, Durn related what kind of man Dovo was and his recent history. Durn considered trying to help Dovo's widow and children.[3]



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