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Auran was the language of the Elemental Plane of Air.[2] It was also known as Old Alzhedo, as the modern Alzhedo language spoken in Calimshan derived from it.[3]


Auran was a breathy, relaxed language that has been described as a slow exhaling of air.[2]

It was considered a dialect of Primordial, so that creatures who spoke one of the other elemental dialects such as Aquan, Ignan or Terran could understand Auran and vice-versa.[1]

Derivative Languages[]

Both Alzhedo and Midani derived from Auran.[3]


In addition to creatures native to the Plane of Air, Auran was sometimes spoken by Air genasi[4] and smoke drakes.[5] Kenku could understand Auran, but could only produce speech through mimicry.[6]