Aurilssbarg,[note 2] was the largest settlement on Ice Peak island.[1][2][3][4][5]


Aurilssbarg was a small town of about 3,000 citizens.[1][2] It acted as a general trading post for incoming traders (mainly from Luskan who had established a monopoly), as well as those of Bjorn's Hold and Icewolf. Wares such as scrimshaw, oils, animal skins, and other provisions were traded. The other settlements of the isle did not have a dock large enough to serve ships from the mainland, and thus did not have a say in which communities they sold to.[2][5]

The ground and paths of Aurilssbarg were made up of felled tree trunks.[2][5] The buildings were also made of wood, and their roofs were covered in turf. Green Hall, the local tavern, was known as the "heart" of the town, and several goats were cooked for its patrons.[4]


A standing army of 100 soldiers manned up to six longboats. The town also owned a Striker, a powerful type of ship in the North that could hold up to 44 soldiers, four ballistae, and a ram.[1][2]


The residing Northmen were eager to hear any major news from the mainland.[2][4][5]


In 1358 DR, the Heroes of Ascore arrived in Aurilssbarg. The leader of the small town, Tranjer Rolsk, told his guards to capture the heroes, so he could turn them over to Luskan for a reward.[3]



  1. In The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier, the first mention of Aurilssbarg's population is stated to be 3000, which makes sense and is coherent with other sources. Later in the text, it mentions that it has a population of 750, which appears to be a mistake.
  2. The name of the settlement may mean "Auril's mountain": Aurilssbarg was subject to freezing winters and icy storms (associated with the goddess, Auril), and it was located on the Ice Peak, a mountain (barg)."


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