'Auro'pol Dyrr was the matron mother of House Agrach Dyrr of Menzoberranzan during the Time of Troubles.[1]


During the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR, House Agrach Dyrr was one of the several to take part in the Battle of Mithral Hall and its Matron Auro'pol Dyrr went personally to the battle together with the mastermind of the attack: Matron Baenre. The defenders of Mithral Hall were fighting well and the drow army was suffering more causalities than planned, and many whispers of desertion among the drow forces reached Matron Baenre ears.[3]


Auro'pol entertained herself with thoughts about what the consequences would be if the old Matron died in battle. Her thoughts were read by the illithid El-Viddenvelp though, who promptly reported that to Matron Baenre. The Matron Mother, already angered by the not so positive situation, ordered the glabrezu she summoned not long before to kill Auro'pol. The glabrezu caught the Matron by surprise and tore her body apart with its pincers[1]


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