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Aurumachs were the most powerful, and rarest, of the rilmani.[2]

The Balance will be served. Shake your fist in the teeth of the hurricane, shout your defiance at the storm. Break your world into a thousand thousand pieces if you have the power. It will not matter. For whatever you do, there is another who will undo it — if not in your world, then the next. The Balance will be served.
— Kaxanamos, an aurumach general[2]


Aurumachs were tall, beautiful and strong humanoids with golden skin. Their eyes glowed so brightly, it was difficult for most creatures to make eye contact.[2]


Aurumachs were extremely powerful, gifted with many innate magical abilities. They were the equals of the most powerful aasimar and fiends.[2] Aurumachs had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of the advanced illusion, charm monster, comprehend languages, cone of cold, continual light, darkness, detect evil, detect good, detect invisibility, detect magic, detect thoughts, ESP, featherfall, geas, hallucinatory terrain, hold monster, improved invisibility, know alignment, magic circle against evil, magic circle against good, magic circle against law, magic missle, mass charm, mass suggestion, mirror image, polymorph self, prismatic spray, sanctuary, slow, solid fog, teleport without error, tongues, wall of fire, wall of ice, wall of iron and wall of force spells at will. They also could, at will, gate up to eight ferrumachs or three argenachs to their location.[1][3][2][4]


Aurumachs were avaricious, distant and economical.[2]


Aurumachs avoid direct combat if they could, although they did not hesitate to unleash violence immediately if such an action was required to restore balance. Their armor and weapons were created, and summoned, by sheer will. Due to this, a aurumach could not be disarmed or tricked into dropping their weapon. Aurumachs usually wielded powerful halberds or vorpal swords. Their armor was similar to field plate.[1][2]

Aurumachs were capable of attacking a target with a brilliant ray of energy. This ray of energy automatically transformed into a form which exploited the target's natural vulnerabilities. As an a example, if a target was vulnerable to cold or ice, this ray of energy transformed into a chilling cold energy.[2]


Despite rilmani lacking from a system of government, aurumachs were considered the unofficial leaders and organizers of rilmani society. They were the diplomats and primary strategists of rilmani society. There was only about one hundred aurumachs total.[1][2]


As of the mid–14th century DR, a single aurumach and several ferrumach rilmani composed one of the three groups connected to the final seal in the fifth level of Watcher's Keep. Unlike other instances, these rilmani could be summoned to Toril when the spirit key was used to unlock one third of the keep's seal.[5]




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