Auseriel was the secret elven haven established by Lamruil Moonflower, Prince of Evermeet, the late King Zaor's youngest son.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

After the nearly successful conquest of Evermeet by Kymil Nimesin was thwarted, Queen Amlaruil gave the Tree of Souls to Lamruil and, at her urging, agreed to take the tree and establish an elven haven on the mainland. He indicated he would establish this location far into the northern reaches and departed both with elves formerly of Evermeet and displaced elves lured from other realms and his betrothed, Maura Silverhand. By the Year of the Unstrung Harp, 1371 DR, Auseriel had been constructed.[1][2]

In the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR, Auseriel was attacked by a group of white dragons led by Harashnalthyn. At the insistence of Maura, Lamruil fled to Evermeet with the Tree of Souls. Maura stayed to provide a rearguard and ensured the unhindered escape of the Tree of Souls. Two days later, Lamruil returned with a force of knights to find the city abandoned. His force found no trace of the rearguard aside from the corpses of several white wyrms. There was no sign of his wife; Lamruil vowed to rebuild and continue his search for Princess Maura Silverhand.[3]

By the Year of the Blazing Hand, 1380 DR, Auseriel had been rebuilt and Lamruil left the city with Araevin Teshurr to search for Maura.[4]

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